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all these WiPs

2009-11-26 17:58:57 by Zolzer

what, oh what will i do with them......


2009-11-06 15:27:09 by Zolzer

having some major creative trouble right now. probably getting a new CPU soon, but i'm sick as hell.

i've been thinking a lot about music lately and the kind of sounds i want to create. i can't say that i'm actually going to make anything soon.....i just need some time. a LONG time.


2009-09-26 16:22:45 by Zolzer

im a hacker :O


2009-09-19 15:08:39 by Zolzer

ok so, no new songs yet. but I made some cool demo song that you can listen to


2009-08-24 00:37:46 by Zolzer

guys, please critisize my music harshly!!!!! for now i'll just be making short practice songs (under a minute long)

once those practice things have been sorted / tagged / made my bitch then i will move on to actual song construction practice.

im high

2009-07-24 16:14:25 by Zolzer

well guys i think i was high when i mastered those last 2 loops so...... gimme a break. soz

eh, no thoughts

2009-07-23 16:44:54 by Zolzer

blocked from imagination at the moment

Lol Here I Am

2009-06-29 02:40:59 by Zolzer

Big scary Newgrounds...we'll see what happens. I'm basically going to use this site as a critique source. Be as harsh as you want, I don't care about ratings!!! Not yet anyway :P. My first song will be up here soon. In the meantime, check out the demo. I've changed it a lot since I uploaded but w/e. Too lazy to reupload. Btw, if someone could send me a cool, meaningful profile icon (46x46, .gif, no transparent background) that would be awesome.